News : Basava International School

Gandhi Jayanti 2018


A special assembly to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti was conducted by class X students at Basava International School, Dwarka. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan rally was undertaken by the NCC cadets to venerate Mahatma Gandhi and create awareness about the importance of cleanliness, waste management and personal hygiene.

The students presented a street play reverberating the principles propagated by Mahatma Gandhiji. It echoed how the ideologies of ahimsa, non-violence, peace, unity and cooperation are still relevant today even after many decades of Independence.

The ideals of Mahatma Gandhi were further imprinted in the young minds by the rendition of a beautiful Hindi poem written and presented by Ms.Sangeeta Sharma.

Students remembered the Father of the Nation and paid rich tributes to our ‘Bapu’ through a speech reinstating the beliefs and moral values upheld by the great leader. Prizes for Sanskrit Kala Kaushal competition were also distributed to the deserving students.

The assembly concluded with a motivational speech by the Principal, Dr.Manimala Roy. She urged the students to abide by the principles and teachings of Gandhiji. She also stressed on the values of peace, truth, non-violence and cooperation that are adhered to on the school campus.