General Manager : Mrs. Poornima Ambli
Where can your child make new friends, explore the world, generate new ideas, and learn new skills? The same place you will find terrific teachers, a nurturing low-pressure environment, and a commitment to educating young people with character, confidence, and Basava International School! The most adorable child, of Karnataka Lingayat Educational Society running more than 200 educational institutions under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman, Dr. P. B. Kore.
Basava International School has a personality all its own... a sense of family, an atmosphere of excitement and creativity. That's because the school reflects the energy and diversity of students, parents, teachers, and staff. It's a place where students feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks - a place that becomes their second home, complete with meaningful traditions and celebrations.
We take seriously - our commitment to turning out students well prepared to take on the academic and social challenges of adolescence and, eventually, adulthood. Our team of educators are innovative, highly trained professionals committed to their students as well as quality of their craft. We endeavour to let children explore and achieve their optional potential.
Parental involvement at our school is encouraged and highly valued. In whatever capacity parents involve themselves with their children's education – as a volunteer, attending school and community activities, reinforcing and supporting academic needs at home, being a positive – this sends a strong positive message to their children on the value of education and enriches their educational experience. It is important that we work together reinforcing and modelling the value of education.

Nations will march towards their greatness in the direction given by its Education ' Nations will soar if its education soars; will regress if it regresses. Nations will fall and sink in darkness if education is corrupted or completely abandoned.

Mrs. Poornima Ambli
M.A. International Relations, PGHRM & System Management

School Management

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    Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore


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    Mrs. Poornima Ambli

    General Manager

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