News : Basava International School

KLE Society celebrates its centenary

The school has again earned laurels bagging the prestigious International School Award 2017-2020 of the British Council. The school sees its role as a facilitator enabling children to face an increasingly competitive and borderless world. The school initiated a plethora of activities as approved by the British Council. Students experienced a colourful bonanza of activities on the themes like Cartoons, Global Citizens, Mathart, Environment, Heritage, Inclusion, Women Empowerment, and Li-Fi which helped all age group learners i.e. from tiny tots to teenagers, to improve communication, collaboration, presentation, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking . By working together on joint and international projects, the students gained a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and global issues.

All the ISA activities were done with great enthusiasm and ebullience. While doing these ISA activities, shared vision, collective learning, instructional collaboration, peer observation and action research initiated the partnering teachers to pilot new educational technologies, develop innovative classroom lessons, tests, and uncover effective instructional practices. Thus, the mission empowered the teachers to meet the challenges in integrating 21st century competencies into education and international strategies.

This award and the accreditation is conferred on the school for the second time. Earlier the school had won ISA 2012-2015. Ms. Poornima Ambli, General Manager, Basava International School, received the ISA Award from the British Council.