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Basava’s performance in ‘Barisu Kannada Dim Dimava Festival’ at Talkatora Stadium.

Basava International School, Dwarka enthusiastically participated in ‘Barisu Kannada Dim Dimava’ a cultural festival which was being inaugurated and graced by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Basvaraj Bommai, Chief Minister of Karnataka, and many other dignitaries on February 25, 2023 at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. The festival was held under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and celebrated different cultures, traditions and history of Karnataka through dance, music, drama, and poetry. At the event, the students of Class V of Basava International School enchanted the audience by their mesmerizing dance performance on ‘Zero Hunger’ supporting the second Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations to create a world free of hunger and malnutrition by 2030. Basava International School always believes basic nutrition is the right of every person and no child should worry about where their next meal will come from. The school actively participates in empowering young people and conducting social outreach programmes, helping the underprivileged, and working diligently to spread awareness about eradicating hunger. The Prime minister inspired the gathering that we should strive to showcase both the ancient and modern sides of India to the world and reiterated that tradition and technology are the temperaments of New India for the country to move forward.

Art competition to commemorate 75th Independence Day

Basava International school organised an Art competition to commemorate 75th Independence Day of our country, 'Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav'. The theme of the competition was 'I love my India'. Students enthusiastically participated in the competition showcasing their creativity and artistic talents. This fun filled activity witnessed an enthusiastic participation by all students from class I to XII.
The paintings depicted the national integration, unity and India moving forward. The tricolour was dominant in most of the paintings. The painting certainly invoked the nationalistic fervour in the heart of each viewer.


Basava International School, Dwarka enthusiastically celebrated “Labour Day” to acknowledge all the workers and to express gratitude for their tireless efforts which greatly contributes to the upliftment and growth of the Nation. The school always strives to instill great values and constantly iterates to uphold these values of humanity and dignity of labour in students. These values were very evidently demonstrated by the students as they celebrated the International Workers’ Day with their stimulating speeches and poems to commemorate this day. The celebration was jollified when the helpers of the community like gardeners, electricians, housekeeping staff and transport staff etc. gave a melodious performance where they felt belonged and valued in the school. As a token of gratitude, gifts were distributed to all the workers of the community by the Principal Dr. Manimala Roy and General Manager Ms. Poornima Ambli where they also addressed everyone with their motivational speech to inspire all the students, teachers and workers for continuous hard work. The entire programme was celebrated with zeal and filled the hearts with love and respect.


Basava International School, Dwarka enthusiastically celebrated Basava Jayanti on May 2, 2022, to commemorate the birth anniversary of renowned social reformer Basaveshwara, who believed in a society free of the social and gender discrimination, with equal opportunity for all and preached about manual hard work which is exactly followed by the school and its members. The programme commenced with the auspicious lamp kindling ceremony by the school Principal Dr. Manimala Roy and General Manager, Ms. Poornima Ambli and Basaveshwara’s photo was garlanded with flowers. The students showcased the significance of the day by solemn prayer to the Almighty and presented a skit from Basaveshwara’s childhood. The celebration continued with the scintillating classical dance performance and euphonious songs by the choir group to revere Lord Basavanna. The Principal and the General Manager addressed everyone with their motivational speech to inspire all the students, teachers and workers for continuous hard work and integrity. The entire programme was celebrated with zeal and filled the hearts with love and respect.

Earthlings at Basava

Being thankful to the soil and nature surrounding them and taking a pledge to protect them, students of Basava International School excitedly celebrated the Earth Day 2022. Students walked barefoot on the green grass of the school ground to feel the warm moist soil and be grateful for this land where they stand. They also painted their hands in blue and green to create their dream Earth by putting palm imprints on white papers. They dreamt of an earth which is free from smoke and pollution, an earth which they wish to always be green and blue. They painted pots and planted saplings and took responsibilities to take care of them.


Basava International School, Dwarka organized an Orientation Programme on April 2, 2022 and gave an exuberant welcome to the new set of parents of Pre-primary to familiarize them, “as partners in progress” with the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, facilitators, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. The aim of the programme was not only to create the foundation for positive relationships between the parents and the school but also to share the school’s vision and commitment for providing quality education as at Basava “Every Child is Unique”. The programme was inaugurated by Ms. Poornima Ambli, the General Manager, who welcomed all the parents and wished them a fruitful association with school for all the years to come. The Principal, Dr. Manimala Roy addressed the parents and assured them of the school’s commitment in attaining their children’s holistic development. Pointing out the most stressful years we left behind she assured the parents that the school will take all the efforts to cater to the emotional and social needs of their children and help them settle down. Her presentation on parenting was warmly appreciated by the new parents. The programme encapsulated a mesmerizing performance by the pre-school teachers through a puppet show and story-telling to demonstrate the diverse methodologies adopted by the school to make it easy for the students to assimilate new concepts. School bags and goodie bags were given to the students as a welcome token. The programme was an effective session for the betterment of the new learners, parents and facilitators as well as a sparkling beginning to work as a team for the substantial benefit of the young saplings for a promising future ahead.


A workshop on 'Financial Literacy' was conducted by the Commerce students for the teachers of our school on February 4, 2022. The aim of the workshop was to increase awareness among teachers on the importance of money management and the various options available to them for managing their finances. Students were guided by Ms Shashi Ramachandran (Commerce Department). The workshop shed light on several important topics such as Banking, Mutual Funds, SIPs, Tax saving, Emergency Fund, etc. The workshop started with a brief introduction of the basic principles of saving, importance of efficient management of your portfolio and the growing need to make your money work for you. The workshop then expanded upon different investment options. ELSS a mutual fund for tax saving was introduced and compared with other tax saving options. The students also shared a few tips on investing such as diversification of the portfolio, surviving the heat when the market is bearish and keeping a calm and calculated mindset. Also, in order to encourage interaction, questionnaires and polls were assigned throughout the course of the workshop and their results were shared on the spot. The workshop was informative and engaging and received great support and active participation from the teachers. The workshop was well received by teachers and the principal. During the process of designing the workshop students learned a lot and got an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge.

Mallakhamb Vyayamshala at Basava International School, Dwarka

Basava International School, Dwarka recently conducted the inauguration ceremony of Mallakhamb Vyayamshala under the flagship of Khelo India, the National authority for the development of sports. It is a great honour that the school has been chosen as the official center (Delhi NCR region) for promoting this remarkable traditional Indian sport. The essence of the Vyayamshala is to boost the promotion of Mallakhamb, Yoga, Gymnastics, Kabaddi, Athletics, Physical fitness and Moral education etc. under Khelo Fit India initiative by the Government of India. The inauguration ceremony of the Vyamyamshala was held in the school premises on 27th November, 2021 celebrating the 75th Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. The event began with religious proceedings followed by a spectacular live display of Mallakhamb by the young trainees. Ms. Purnima Ambali, General Manager and Dr. Manimala Roy, the school Principal addressed the gathering and emphasized the benefits of the sport and urged the spectators to enroll for this traditional sport. Mr.Dharam Vir Singh :General Secretary, Delhi Mallakhamb and MFI graced the ceremony with other association members for a positive and successful start of the training sessions. The root idea behind Mallakhamb Vyayamshala is to encourage and motivate people of all ages and gender to enroll for the strength training classes. The activities outlined commence daily at 7: 00 a.m. and effective and impactful training is given to all the members without any charges. The Mallakamb training units are specifically designed to increase endurance, strength and stamina of the trainee, a sine qua non for athletic events. The manner in which the body is turned, twisted and balanced on the Mallakhamb, keeps the spectators spellbound. Separate and specific training modules have been created for females and senior citizens. National level awards to the worthy athletes as well as free track suits are given to all the participants. The school management extends its deep gratitude and appreciation to the officials of Delhi State Mallakhamb Association for choosing the school’s premises as its training center. The school is also grateful to the residents of Delhi NCR who have extended their support for the inclusion of Mallakhamb Vyayamshala as a paradigm shift to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

‘Stories We Never Tell’- Second anthology by BASAVITES

Basava International School unveiled yet another anthology of its students on 20th Nov at Shelfebook in D21 Pacific Mall , Dwarka titled “ Stories we never tell” . The book comprised original stories written by students of Basava which they developed during their course of the Young Authors Program. Principal, Dr. Manimala Roy, Sakshi Jain of Young Author Program along with the mentors Ms. Rinku Paul and Dipankar Mukherjee , founder of Readomania graced the occasion. The school had tied up with Young Author Program and Readomania for a unique initiative to hone the writing skills of aspiring writer students of Basava. The program was curated to master the techniques of writing and craft compelling stories. The Mentors engaged in one to one sessions with the students to give them personalized tips to execute an action-oriented research project from inception to completion. ‘Stories we never tell’ is a scintillating anthology of 11 tales written by young authors exploring a whole range of human experiences and the many dilemmas of life. Each story in the book is a reflection of the author’s mind, woven deftly into stories that entertain and educate. The students covered diverse topics as mental health, crimes of passion, myriad pressures of modern life, being stuck in between worlds, family ties and more. It is a collection that is remarkable in its choice of topics and an assured voice that belies the age of its writers. It has exquisitely drawn landscapes, full of lush sensory detailing along with living, breathing characters that make the book absolutely unputdownable. The students took pride in getting their stories published and becoming published authors. Dr. Manimala Roy, the Principal congratulated the students on their achievement and told them that they had made the school proud. She told the young authors to read like an author and work with freedom as they can become great authors when their thoughts are free. She dwelled in pride that the children utilized their lockdown time fruitfully and came up with enchanting stories. She wished them success for their future endeavours and believed that they would be Booker Prize aspirants


Halloween’s week was celebrated with a fun filled exciting fancy-dress activity for the classes 6th and 7th.There were very happy Superheroes, Fairies, Witches, Wizards, Goblins and other interesting characters introducing themselves with spooky stories on virtual platform. The students used different props like magical wands, candles , face masks, pumpkins, skeleton and skulls, flickering lights, spooky dolls etc. This party was filled with zombie makeup, plundering pirates and crazy costumes. Our students put in a lot of time and effort in to their costumes; applying makeup, body paint, and body suits is no easy task and they all did a wonderful job impressing their classmates and the teacher with horror stories and dialogues from their favorite movies and characters from the novels.


We, at Basava International School, have a comprehensive approach to learning which aims not only at academic excellence but also the development of a plethora of abilities (physical, intellectual, cognitive, and socio-emotional) which are essential in today’s world. Ours is a happy school and the curriculum aims to help each child find his or her special place in the world, in alignment with the uniqueness that he or she has.

The school conducts myriad of online activity classes for Dance, Music, Life Skills and Storytelling. Age appropriate virtual School Cinema modules to inculcate value based outlook in children are showcased regularly at the Primary, Middle and Senior Secondary levels. This experience of inclusivity of subjects along with Performing Arts and Narratives helps in promoting better understanding of concepts and holistic development of students. Online Games, Art and Craft, Painting and 3D Art as well as Yoga sessions also enhanced student’s mental growth and well-being. School Cinema modules enrich their Life skills and provide the necessary online support for parental guidance and mentoring. The school conducted adequate training workshops to equip the teachers with necessary tools to aid them in their classes towards a comprehensive overall holistic development of the children. It was commendable on the part of teachers and students to be able to adapt, improvise and innovate eclectic teaching-learning pedagogies. The training was useful to comprehend the challenges of mental well-being and online learning difficulties of students.

Life Skills has seen a paradigm shift over the years in the field of education, especially on an online platform. At Basava,it is our endeavor to consistently try to impart these skills to our students through various self-learning activities and workshops. Various virtual discussions and workshops conducted by school with eminent doctors and psychologists on issues like Dealing with the pandemic, Personal loss, Social media and impact on children, Importance of Mental and Emotional well-being etc. has helped them to understand and analyze the complexities of the situation in a positive manner.

Various critical thinking Questionnaires are formulated and shared with students wherein children are urged to write their answers based on life/self-experiences. The given questions aim to create their self-awareness, mindfulness and to enhance their emotional quotient. Many Discussions, Extempore speeches and Debates are conducted online wherein students are encouraged to indulge in discussions or share their thoughts on mind tickling topics while improving their Verbal Communication, Critical thinking skills, Creativity and Self-confidence.

These online Life skills sessions conducted at regular intervals across various class levels enhance their negotiation, leadership and decision making skills, developing resilience while valuing and respecting opinions. Role plays are conducted in order to elicit student’s responses which would help them to learn other skills like Assertiveness, dealing with Peer Pressure and Bullying along with effective Communication skills. Playing and solving Rebus puzzles, recall and recognizing Camouflage puzzles, Crossword solving, Brain teasers, Riddles improve their thinking skills and encourage, ‘out of the box’ thinking. Through PowerPoint presentations, Podcasts and Audio-Visuals, an effort is made to inculcate value based life skills in our students. The Senior students and teachers have also been trained in Seven Habits. The Senior school students are also trained in sign language as an initiative towards inclusive education.

Basava International School, Dwarka Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Students of class 9 from Basava International School, Dwarka conducted a virtual assembly, to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti on the 1st of October 2021, to mark the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The webinar was attended by all the teachers, parents and children from classes 1 to 12. The assembly commenced with a brief introduction to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, renowned as Mahatma Gandhi. The spotlight was on the thoughts inspired by Gandhi's ideologies. The students presented several skits highlighting important moments of his life, such as his fight against racism and also showcased his life as an ordinary man. Gandhiji was remembered for his nationwide campaigns for easing poverty, expanding women's rights, building religious and ethnic amity, ending untouchability, and above all for achieving swaraj . The students also presented a melodious rendition of Gandhi's composition 'Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram'. A documentary was showcased on Gandhiji’s life trailing his journey from childhood to his vast experiences in adulthood. A splash of modernity was introduced to the event, with a rap on Gandhiji’s revolutionary ideas. The students showcased their talent and paid a befitting homage to the Father of the Nation despite the challenges of being at their homes during the pandemic. Principal, Dr.Manimala Roy, addressed the students and applauded the efforts of the participants and teachers. She urged the students to follow the tenets of peace, determination and perseverance laid down by the Father of the Nation. She also emphasized that these principals which are relevant even in the 21st Century would definitely inculcate the necessary strength and grit in the children, to face any kind of challenges. The virtual assembly ended with the rendition of the National Anthem.