News : Basava International School



Basava International School, Dwarka organised its Pre-Primary Orientation programme for parents on 10 April 2021. Parents whose children have been inducted into class Nursery and Prep joined the programme online. Ms Poornima Ambli, the School GM, welcomed all the parents to the folds of the Basava family and the school Principal, Dr Manimala Roy addressed everyone with her motivating words.

This session’s virtual Orientation programme was poignant to bridge the gap between teachers and parents due to lack of face-to-face interaction. Dr Roy explained in great detail the ethos and vision of the school. She described the various facets of the student’s personality which are targeted by the school for holistic development. The school exposes the students to a large number of activities and competitions to develop their social, intellectual and communication skills as well as bring out the hidden creative talents in each child. Dr Roy gave the young parents valuable parenting tips based on her vast experience and expertise in the education field. She requested the parents to be active participants in the school’s efforts to prepare each child achieve his/her full potential.

The occasion was also taken advantage of to introduce the new parents to the teaching faculty. The Pre-Primary wing constantly updates itself on the international best practises and adopts new and ingenious play way methods to make teaching and learning stress free and interesting. The teachers of the Pre-Primary presented a sample Puppet show and Rhyme recitation to demonstrate the diverse methodologies adopted by the school, as part of its curriculum, in order to make it easy for the students to assimilate new concepts. The Orientation programme was well attended and greatly appreciated by the parents.