News : Basava International School

basava jayanti

A Science exhibition was organized in Basava International School to showcase the curiosity and innovativeness of middle school students on 21 July 2018.It was organized on the day of the PTM so that parents could see and appreciate the presentation skills and enthusiasm of students. The young science wizards were given innovative topics based on their course content and they could pick a topic of their choice to build their ideas. They prepared 3D, working models on topics like chemical effects of Electric Current, Electric Circuits, Light Energy, Sound, Water Conservation and harvesting, methods of Separation of Substances, Motion and Time, Physiological Systems in human body etc.

The students also created beautiful collages to unveil their creativity. Principal, Dr.Manimala Roy appreciated the effort shown by the students and parents gave a positive feedback as they were happy to see their children’s exposure to the world of science.