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Social Science Exhibition:Ek Bharat-Srestha Bharat

KLE Society celebrates its centenary

The Social Science Department of Basava International School, Dwarka organized a cultural exhibition on 18 August, 2018. The theme for the exhibition was: ‘EK BHARAT SRESHTHA BHARAT’-THREE STATES UNDER ONE ROOF – JAMMU AND KASHMIR, DELHI and KARNATAKA. The exhibition was opened to visitors by the PTA Vice Chairman, Dr.Ramawat and PTA member Mr.Aggarwal.

The students of the middle and secondary under the able guidance of their teachers showcased their creative talent by putting up performances, exhibits, posters, banners on various aspects of these states covering culture, festivals, historical events, artifacts, education, cuisines etc.

The journey of exploration was started by the students of Class VIII, who presented the classical dance- Bharatanatyam, a dance form of Karnataka, to welcome the guests. The students of Class VII beautifully performed a Kashmiri folk dance. Also, in keeping with the theme, the famous Kashmiri kahwah tea was served to the guests. Students interacted with the guests and explained about the artifacts and culture of these states. Mouthwatering cuisines of Kashmir & Karnataka were also served. The state of Delhi was represented with a Sufi song by the students of middle and senior wings recreating the practice at Nizamuddin Dargah. Delicious cuisine of Delhi was served at the exit, as the journey ended with a model of the Delhi Metro. Architectural predominance blended with cultural flavor and ethnic jewellery created by the students to showcase Dilli Haat, made the exhibition a grand success.