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Basava International School believes in a workforce of educators who are empowered with the nuances of contemporary pedagogies. In consonance with this philosophy, various workshops were organized for the teachers in the month of May, 2018 .These workshops were conducted by various facilitators having expertise in their respective fields

Lecture on dental hygiene by Dr Mahinder Verma, Active Strategies in Mathematics by Ratna Sagar; ELT by Ms. Prakrati Srivastava , Oxford; Asset workshop for Maths, Science and English teachers were amongst the core workshops organized.

The workshop on Child Safety and POCSO Act created awareness about child related sexual offences and precautionary measures that can be undertaken at school levels. Stress and Anger management by Ira Sehgal; Brain Game -Empower Your Mind by Ms. Samridhi Sagar from Ratna Sagar were the other workshops that dealt with a holistic approach to teaching and learning . Zumba fitness workshop by Mr. Sushil Bakshi and Healthy Eating with sundry recipes event by Pooja Spices added zing to the palate. The last working day culminated with an innovative and sumptuous Spoon Feed fiesta wherein all the teachers enjoyed feasting on mouthwatering delicacies made by themselves.